Monday, January 11, 2016

A Refashioned Night Gown

Refashion Night Gown

Pretty lace details

I usually don't buy one piece night gowns.  Believe me,  I like them and I have tried, but they don't like me----- and now let me tell you why:

It could be because we tussle all night long, and I come out loosing the battle----- and now let me explain this to you:

You see I am the type of sleeper that won't go down quietly.   I toss and turn all night long.  I have taken up boxing with my pillow just to try and find that little niche.  Hubby sees this going on and he quietly slithers over to the far end of the bed.  (He doesn't accidentally want to get slugged ).  Smart guy!

These type of gowns are meant for mannequins or for those that sleep like Dracula, snug as a bug.  They just want to lie flat and look pretty.

As I toss and turn like an old washing machine, I find myself twisted and wrapped like a mummy.  This battle goes on all night.  By morning I am kaput

I purchased this beautiful night gown at an outlet shop. It was priced very reasonably.  I just couldn't pass it up.  I liked the soft cotton, the pretty print and the detailed lace.

Uh-huh!  I had ulterior motives.  Refashion into a two piece - baby doll pajama.

Original one piece night gown

Ruffled gathered hem
I purchased a soft satin ribbon and pretty lace.  Then I cut the gown in half and removed the ruffle hem and restitched it to the bottom of the top half.  From of bottom portion - I cut into a pair of shorts and stitched.  At the waist I stitched a casing and inserted elastic.

The lace and the blue ribbon was stitched to the hem of the shorts.

Well lucky me.  I found I had enough ribbon to stitch on to the top half.

Wah-lah!  My completed two piece pajamas.

Thank you for reading.