Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Refashion men's dress shirt

New shirt to me

This is another one of my hubby's dress shirt that he put out to disposed off.
(( Oh no way! ))  Not a Perry Ellis shirt.  Apparently he was able to wear it once to a fiesta, and he looked fantastic.  I washed it and it shrunk, (he claims).   I thought that was my line, but now he is using it too.  I simply believe he enjoyed some extra helpings on his plate (one too many times).

Here is a brief description on how I refashioned it for myself.

The original shirt was beautiful, but sleeves were too long and I wanted to add a feminine touch.

Sleeves had to go

Opened the back yokes and added pleats (one on each side)

Back pleat

Sew on bias trim to armholes then fold in, press and top stitch  

Mark your waist and cut approx 2 inches below mark

Add darts to bottom of front shirt, both sides of front and hem

Fold sleeves in half and cut to ties. Turn inside out, top stitch and attach to shirt front.

Note:  Armholes are large so you would want to wear a camy under the shirt.     
           Add trim or lace around the armholes and to the top of pocket.
           If I were to make another one like this, I would cut the front a little bit longer.
           It is a little to short for my liking.

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