Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My new dress

Simplicity pattern 1801

Like usual, I walk into a fabric store just to pick up a button, thread or zipper.  I walk out with a couple of sacks of fabric.  I get home and realize I forgot  the button or whatever item I went in for.

Now the cycle starts all over again.  So I return to the store for the button and I am distracted by the sewing patterns, which were obviously placed in my way.  (They weren't there earlier). 

I hear a voice   "Hey you....., so what are you going to make with that new fabric"?   I look around.  Odd......, no one is near by.  I must be hearing voices or could there be a ghost?  Oh well, I'll answer that question anyways.  "I haven't decided yet. I need to look at those patterns". 

Just as I am checking out, ding ding ding.  It hits me like a ice water poured over me.  Where is my button?  So I walk back in the shop for the button, proudly holding my new sack of patterns and couple of yards of fabric I  had regret not purchasing on that first trip.

Now the cycle starts all over again.

Here are some pictures of my new dress.  By the ways, it was an easy to sew pattern, and yes, I did picked up the button.

The Pattern:

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