Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Refashion men's shirt

Hubby's old shirt, now my new shirt

Once in a rare blue moon, hubby goes through his closet and collects a group of old dingy work shirts and neck ties to throw away.  I myself need to do the same but I keep missing that blue moon.  Oh well maybe on the next blue moon.

I remember when he purchased this particular silvery shirt, because I myself picked it out. It was silky with a slight sheen.  I thought it was rather beautiful, oh if only it came in women's size (with darts of course).

The collar was dingy, the elbows were see through, and the cuffs were spotted with ink dots.  One could play connect the dots.  Sadly this one qualified for dooms day, the shirt met it's final end.

However the pocket was in good shape.  Thank God for those nerdy pocket protector.  It did its job well. I myself had to save this one from its demises.

The collar was actually not too bad and besides who will ever know. (Unless you are reading this blog). 

With a little bit of snip snip, sew sew and darts of course, this shirt will have a new life and a new home, ( my closet).

Drum roll please........

Remove the yoke and added darts

Playing with my fancy stitches on a piece of bias tape.

Made a ruffle cap sleeves from old sleeves.

Removed back yoke and gathered the back.

Not my hubby's shirt.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention.  I saved a few more shirts from the dumpster.  More to come in the future.

Hubby has caught me checking out his closet.  He really has some pretty nice ties.  He threaten to put a lock on doors.   I'll have to wait for another one of those blue moons.