Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Look 6749

Summer Dress number 2

I liked this little casual summer dress for our long hot summers here in Florida.  It seemed very simple to whip it up, but it also needed a pop up color.   I had this bright green cloth left over from a ruffle skirt of the table cloth I made earlier, so I blended in with this dress fabric, and I think it works. (no one will know).

The necklace was made by my sister form polymer clay and looks nice with the fabric. (R.I.P. sis)

Close up of the ribbon trim.  I also made a 1/4 inch binding and stitched it onto the edge of the shoulder straps.    


Silky twisted ribbon trim sewed on to the green trim  

 I had enough fabric left over that I made a ruffle trim and stitched it on to the hem for interest and to hold the dress down. (for windy days). Don't want to get the old guys too excited.

Now I am working on the same dress, but a different fabric and adding a little bling bling.

Here is the pattern:  

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Butterick 5781

Summer Dress

What a pity.  Just right before the Christmas holiday I was forced to clean up my sewing room.  I needed to clean up really good and very quickly since I had guest coming from up north to spend a week with hubby and myself.  Wow, I was impressed, it looked marvelous, opened and spacey.  

I say "what a pity", because I knew it just couldn't last.  I wanted to sew very badly after the holidays, and I knew the room would go back to being a train wreck.

I can't explain how this happens, but when I sew I get hit by a touch of a hurricane.  Maybe it is more like a tornado. (No warning, it just hits).

This is my first sewing project of 2015:   A summer dress trimmed with a pink piping.

Front view

Back view


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tablecoth with a ruffle skirt

Tablecloth for utility table

I have been in the mood for sewing anything and I mean anything.  If you sew, you'll know exactly  what I mean.  It is like having an addiction and you live on the edge with the jitters that won't let you relax until you get your injection, or a fix.  Ahhhh, finally what a relief to cut that fabric out and put it back together again with a different shape and form.

I love the sound of my sewing machine.  It is like having my own personal sports car, and boy can it run.  I start my machine up, the headlights come on, the motor revs up, (vroom vroom).  I adjust my seat, (no seat belts).  The flag is lower, (oops I meant the foot is lower).  I step on the pedal and forward I go.  I shift and maneuver the cloth around the corners and curves being careful not to go over the edge.  If you are sewing with silks, slow down, (slippery road).  Weeee what a ride!

A few months ago I ordered online a new accessory for my sewing machine.  It is a pleating and ruffling foot. What a contraction! It intimated me so I stored it away, (out of site and out of mind).
But oops, that little foot kept popping up each time I opened the drawer in my sewing cabinet.  So I was feeling guilty about spending the money on this gadget, and I needed an excuse to use it.   So that is when the idea of the tablecloth for the ugly utility table came into play.

I have to say: It turned out cute.  The fabric has an owl theme, cheerful and whimsical. I found a matching green fabric for the ruffle skirt.  I trimmed it with a pink poke a dot ribbon which my niece had given me and whoa.... I finished in first place. Ha Ha
Now that it is winter here in Florida, (temperatures in the low 70's).  We can take advantage of the screen porch.  We can actually sit and eat outside without being scorched.

Completed tablecloth
Ugly utility table
Using the new ruffle foot
Nice pleats
Rounding the corners off
Trim off excessive corner
Attach the ribbon