Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Refashion shirt into a swimsuit cover up

Swimsuit cover up

I purchased this beautiful white linen shirt sometime ago to wear with jeans.  I wore it twice and I wore it proudly.  On the second time I wore it, a photo was taken on the day we girls got together to pick out our bridesmaid's dresses for my niece's wedding.   I am the one on left with the white tunic.

They are all thin girls and I stood out like a hot air balloon ready to float away.  I realized from the photo how big the shirt made me look.  (Kind of like an  Indian tepee).
Never again would I wear this shirt.  It sat in my closet for a year, or perhaps two.   

Recently we planned a trip to South Beach with my sister and her spouse.  Knowing my sister, we were going to spend 80% of our time in the pool or at the beach. (She is part fish or she may have gills).

 I needed a swimsuit cover up.   I checked on line and found one I really liked.  It was a Ralph Lauren cover up which resembled my top.  I actually like my refashioned version better than the designers coverup.
Ralph Lauren swimsuit cover up

So....... Uh huh!  An idea popped into my head and a smile on my face.

No need to buy one.  I can make one!

Steps for refashioning a shirt:

I started by cutting off the sleeves and from the sleeves I cut out two strips for armhole facings. 

Original shirt

Remove the sleeves.
Cut two strips diagonally  about 1-1/2" wide from the sleeves to be used for armhole facings.

Sew on facing along the armhole, then turn in and top stitch

Open side seam, about waist area on both sides.

I had some lace fabric left over from another project and I was able to create a pleat and attached it to the sides.  This makes it loose fitting and easy to pull on and very easy to take off over your head while at pool while others watch you basically undress.

My new swimsuit cover up:

Oh, yes one more thing I forgot to mention.  I gathered the shoulders by sewing casings under the shoulder seams. Than I ran a drawstring through and tied it with a bow to create the gather shoulders.